Are you interested in buying, sell or rent a property? Maybe you've heard about the energy certificate and don't know how to proceed?

Do not worry, in this post we do a simple guide where we explain everything you need to know about energy efficiency certification.

What is and what is

It is a document that includes the qualification of energy efficiency and energy consumption of a building (housing, local, Office etc.). It describes the energy characteristics and recommendations for possible improvements.

In this way is informed buyers and tenants on the energy characteristics of your properties, to be able to compare your energy efficiency with respect to other properties.

Since when it is mandatory to have the energy certificate

Since the 1 June of the 2013 It is obligatory to have the energy certificate for rent or sell housing.

Who is required to have the energy certificate

The owner or developer who wants to sell or rent your home must have the energy certificate.

How is it made

  1. Contact a certifier (specialist)

According to the law the certifier will be a competent technician (Architect, technical architect or engineer) freely chosen by the owner and must be trained to carry out such work.

  1. Inform you about the prices

There is no standard price for certificates, Since everything will depend on the size and features of the property.

  1. The trained technician

Gather all the information necessary for the certification is essential to the technician to visit the property. After the visit the technician will deliver a detailed report in which appear the key points studied housing and the results obtained from the energy simulation.

  1. You receive your energy rating

Thanks to the exhaustive analysis, that is done in with the information from the previous step, Gets the energy certificate which classifies the property according to their energy consumption in a category. These range from A (more efficient) up to the G (less efficient). That rating assesses performance of the facilities and the thermal behavior of passive elements such as fences, floor slabs, partitions, cover, etc.


Example of certificate of energy efficiency that completing a certification to qualify the energy efficiency of the property

  1. Register qualification

Once received the rating performed by the technician, You must register with the specific body having the corresponding Autonomous Community. This procedure implies the payment of a fee that will vary depending on the autonomous community and the type of property that has been certified (commercial property / housing).


Example of the energy efficiency of the Valencian Community certification registration document

  1. You receive your energy certificate

Once registered the qualification, your autonomous community will issue the label summary and proof of registration with their corresponding code of registration and expiration date of the certificate.


Example of tag which specifies the energy rating of the building

Frequent questions...

What happens if I don't

The law 8/2013, of 26 of June establishes in its disposal additional third a series of violations in matter of certification of the efficiency energy of them buildings.

It is thus a slight infringement, with fines of 300 to 600 EUR:

"Advertise the sale or rental of buildings or units of buildings that should have an energy efficiency certificate without mention of its energy efficiency rating".

It could be a serious infringement, with fines of 601 to 1.000 EUR:

"Sell or rent a property unless the seller or lessor deliver energy efficiency certificate, valid, registered and in force, to the purchaser or tenant."

And there are also very serious offences, with fines of 1.001 to 6.000 EUR, like for example:

"Fake information in the issuance or registration of certificates of energy efficiency."

Which agency will handle energy certificates and how

The Royal Decree in his article 5 grant competition to the autonomous communities as responsible for regulating and create an official registry where are registered all certifications.

Also in his article 10 Specifies that the CC. AA. shall monitor and verify compliance with the obligation to have the energy efficiency certificate.

What effect has the energy certificate

It has a validity of 10 years and the owner will be responsible for the renewal or upgrade according to what established the competent body of the autonomous community.

I can advertise my house without a certificate and request it when you have a buyer or tenant

Not, the label must show from the moment in which they released. The Royal Decree "specifies that"the tag will be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or lease of the building or building unit. You must always appear on the label, in a clear and unequivocal, If refers to the energy efficiency of the project certificate or of the finished building.

What properties are exempt from the energy certificate

In the first instance it is advisable, to avoid future problems or possible misstatements of the law, It is a certification that we advise-contact.

Although if we consult the law the properties that are exempt are those buildings and monuments officially protected, the exclusive places of worship or religious activities, temporary constructions (for intended use equal or less than two years), the non-residential parts of industrial buildings, of the defense and agricultural, the buildings or parts of buildings insulated with less of 50 M2 useful and buildings with one lower use of 4 months of the year, they are exempt from making the energy certificate.


Let's hope that it has been useful!

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